Dutch Courage Productions

Courageous Mission

We, Dutch Courage Productions, love narrative, stories, people and experiences. What started with only creating for Theatre and Film is now a production company for anything with a narrative. Whether it's a portrait, music clip, branding movie or commercial as long as we can help you tell a story, we are excited and passionate to collaborate with you.
Our Ambition:
- Through our work we seek to challenge biased opinions and cultural barriers while exploring perspectives.
- With our work we seek to encourage empathy, passion and curiosity while connecting.
- By our work we seek to unite people through their emotional responses while breaking down the barriers of class, profession or ethnicity.
We believe through exploring perspective, empathy and stretching the imagination the world can be a better place.

Who is Dutch Courage Productions?

The company is founded by Jung Sun den Hollander in 2014.
Jung Sun den Hollander is Dutch, has South Korean Origin and is based in London. A cultural blend that matches the work of Dutch Courage Productions.
Therefore Our strength is the encouragement of perspectives and cultural or social diversity.
Dutch Courage Productions likes to explore collaborations which results in working with unique teams which suits each unique project. Please see each project in the theatre or film section and see who were involved.
Along with producing film and theatre, Jung Sun is an actress and writer. Visit: www.jungsundenhollander.com