Ann and Mary haven't seen each other for a long time, but when the dementia of their Mother increases, they need to decide what to do next. During their discussion, the scattered memories of their Mother and their divided experience of their absent father, leaves them with a blurred sense of connection. Although they fall in old painful patterns, in this time when they long for a tangible truth, they get all of it on the table...

Short Film STAY

After Laura, a Barrister has an abortion, she wins a court case to keep a mother with her son. That evening Laura meets the son again and is confronted with her maternal feelings when the boy opens up by watching a Musician. Stay is a poignant film about motherhood, compassion and loneliness.

Stay from Jung Sun den Hollander on Vimeo.

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Music Video "We're no strangers" by Thomson Andrews. With this music video we like to raise awareness for women to speak up when being assaulted. An international collaboration with Indian singer Thomson Andrews and StudioTANDEM Netherlands.

Full Focus: Rudolf Conquet.
A short Dutch Documentary about the Kyokushin Fighter, Sensei and Trainer Rudolf Conquet. We follow his training towards the 2015 Senior World Karate Championships and become acquainted with his ambitions for his new Dojo. Sensei Conquet is trying to finish his fighting career and looks forward to use his experience for new talent. However, is it possible to stop fighting when you are a fighter?

PROMO IKO Kyoksuhinkaikan Nederland Amsterdam DOJO

Dōkei is a Theatre Play by Jung Sun den Hollander. Through Taki Kusumoto's eyes and words we are transported back to the Nagasaki of 1865 and beyond. Taki, the mistress of Japan's renowned western physician, Dr Phillip Von Siebold, is unable to let go of the past. Their unconventional and passionate relationship ended abruptly when Siebold was banned from Japan for life on charges of being a spy, in what became known as the 'Siebold incident' leaving Taki and their young daughter behind. There is no regret or pity in its depiction of Taki's memories and sacrifice for her first love but lays bare the poignancy of longing for love and happiness.